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Pest Control 4 Adelaide is one of the Best carpet moth removal companies in Adelaide. We have a team of talented and experienced carpet moth exterminators. For efficient services, we use the latest tools and devices. Moreover, you can rely on us to provide top-quality carpet moth control Adelaide services. Apart from Home carpet moth removal, we also offer Commercial carpet moth removal services. If you want to opt for same day carpet moth control services, we can help you with that too. Are you searching for Emergency carpet moth removal services in Adelaide? In that case, we can help you out! To know more about our carpet moth control service, you can give us a call!

Carpet Moth

Also known as clothes moths, the carpet moth is mainly two different moth species that cause damage to the textiles, clothing, and carpet. These are case-bearing moths and webbing clothes moths.

These carpet moths generally search for animal-based fibers such as silk, fur, wool, etc. it is vital to note that it is the larvae that cause most of the damage to clothes and carpets. The average life cycle of a carpet moth ranges from two months to two and a half years. These moths thrive in dark, humid areas.

Prevention Tips Against Moths

Are you searching for the best carpet moth treatment service in Adelaide? In that case, you can opt for us.

Take a look at the prevention tips listed below that you can follow till we arrive to take care of the pest issue –

  • The best way is to opt for regular vacuuming. Keep in mind that these moths thrive in places that are often left undisturbed.
  • You can also try to install a moth trap and get rid of them.
  • To prevent the laying of the eggs, you can also use moth papers.
  • Moreover, you can also use the smell of lavender, cedarwood, etc., to eliminate them.


  • Is opting for the best carpet moth control service provider in Adelaide a good idea?

Yes, choosing Pest Control 4 Adelaide, the best carpet moth control service provider in Adelaide is a good idea. We also have a team of trained and skilled pest control experts who have immense knowledge of carpet moths. That means that they can eradicate the pest infestation with ease. Besides, for this, we use top-grade tools and toxic-free solutions.

  • What do we use to get rid of carpet moths?

Pest Control 4 Adelaide prefers the usage of eco-friendly products to get rid of carpet moths. Moreover, we strive to make sure that your home is safe once more and thus refrain from using harsh chemicals.

  • Can you get round-the-clock services from us?

Yes, you can get round-the-clock services from us. Moreover, we are open at all hours to help you get rid of carpet moths from your property. No matter where you stay in Adelaide, you can contact us to help you out!

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