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Possum Removal Adelaide | Emergency Possum Removal Service in Adelaide

We have a standardized procedure for everything related to possum services. We offer same-day possum removal services in Adelaide. Call us now on 08 7184 0835 for a free quote.

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Possum is quite annoying and also frightening to watch. So once the possum likes your home they may make it a permanent space and can become difficult to remove. You may never know what level of havoc a possum infestation can bring to you. Thus, our Possum Removal Adelaide Service has come up for your rescue.

Now, in Adelaide, we are the trusted Home Possum Control Service Team to reach on 08 7184 0835. Furthermore, we follow the best and safest procedure to meet your pest-free dwelling needs in the best way. At the same time, we are 365 days active Residential Possum Removal and Commercial Possum Removal, specialists.

Possum and Productive Tips to Prevent their entry into your house:

Possum is nocturnal pests thus they remain more active during your sleeping hours. Possums tend to damage the electrical wires, insulation, etc. They also pollute the area with their feces and urine. Once they like a particular source to live they make it a permanent place for them to live. Once you try to remove them forcefully they may turn aggressive and dangerous too. They are around 40 inches in length. Possum is a four-legged creature with grey and white coats and has ears without hairs.

  • Examine and take care of the structure of the home. Seal the rooflines, any opening around the windows and doors, etc. 
  • Do up your yard area. Get the most of the dense area of the yard cleaned to make less space for possums to hide. 
  • Dispose of the garbage often. Do not let it be stored for long in your house. 
  • Hide the pet's food. Do not leave it open, especially at night. 
  • Keep the bright light on, especially in the areas where you observe possum the most.

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1. Is it possible that possums will damage my ceiling or roof?

Yes, possibly the possum and rats can damage your ceiling or roofs. They can chew the wiring. Also, if possum or rats are nesting on the insulation top of the roof then they can damage it through the urine. 

2. Do you offer the Commercial Possum Removal service in Adelaide?

Yes, our Commercial Possum Removal Service is active year-round. You can also contact our team for 365 days and 24 hours of service. Feel free to contact us at any time in any Adelaide locality. 

3. How do possums get access to the roof? 

The hanging branches of trees that touch your roof can make a route for possum or rats to pass. Also, the street cable wires connecting your house roof can offer them access to your roof.

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