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Need Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections in Adelaide? Call us now on 08 7184 0835 for a free quote.

In case you are in the process of investing in a new property in Adelaide, a Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections Adelaide is a must. Pest Control 4 Adelaide is your one spot location for the finest pre-purchase timber pest inspections.

Furthermore, unlike common pest controls, a pre-buy timber inspection can highly affect the home’s quality. Also, we are open to same-day pest inspection services in Adelaide. We understand how excited you are to settle in a new home, but calling us for pre-buy timber pest inspection and removal will help you save hundreds of dollars in the long term. So, book your slot today at 08 7184 0835.

Prevention Tips For Timber Pest Infestations

Timber pests are mostly termites and moulds. Our pest exterminators can guide you with ample timber pest prevention tips and tricks. Residential termite control and inspection can be important in detecting minor to major structural problems.

So, have a look at the below-mentioned timber termite and pest prevention points:

  • Make sure your home is moisture-free. It involves zero leaks, sufficient drainage and appropriate ventilation. 
  • Ensure using treated and non-conducive timber solutions to air-exposed parts. 
  • Apply surface or timber-finish surface coating to reduce the chances of moisture. 
  • Call professionals for a yearly termite treatment service in your Adelaide home. 
  • Most times, existing timber items decay at some places. So, it is advisable to replace any decay part to prevent further structural damage.

In case, you are suspecting any timber issue at your going to be property, call us for a quick inspection. Furthermore, we have the industry’s leading termite exterminators to assist you with same-day termite control & removal.


Q. How to identify whether my timber furniture has bed bugs in my Adelaide home?

If you find small holes and cavities in the timber or dust powder near it is the sign of bed bug inspection. Other common signs- discolored holes or fading of timber upholstery. If you observe such a bedbug sign, schedule us for emergency bed bug control in Adelaide.

Q. Why is it necessary to invest in Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections Adelaide service?

It is highly recommended to appoint Pest Control 4 Adelaide for pre-purchase timber inspection mainly due to several reasons. Like- we have trained professionals for emergency termite control, swift service assistance at affordable prices.

Q. How can I stop active timber damage?

In order to protect the timber try these- eliminate the source of the water damage. Next, apply a timber-friendly pesticide to kill termites or bed bugs. Lastly, make the timber dry and nearby regions.

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