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Affordable and Promising Rodent removal solutions for Residences and Commercials in Adelaide

In Adelaide, you will find rodents as one of the most common pest issues existing. The options of rodent control are many but what if you need an affordable and effective solution under one roof? Yes, Pest Control 4 Adelaide is a round-the-clock available Best Rodent Control company in Adelaide. No matter what time of the year you experience a Rodent infestation we are ready for 365 days to take them out of your premises. Request best quotes or book our service via 08 7184 0835 today. 

Safe and Quality Tips to Prevent the Rodents for any type of property:

Rodents are considered one of the most destructive pests to damage property and stuff. Rodents are in the habit of chewing the walls, wires, cardboard, plastics, etc. Also, they are likely to spread hazardous diseases. On the other hand, they also have the habit to make holes in floor walls and make a space to pass through and hide. The studies by experts have stated that the rodents are likely to reproduce into 1250+ rats in only just a year.

  • Do not let the garbage stay in the kitchen for long. If possible keep the lid closed and tight.
  • Clean the kitchen platform thoroughly. Check for any food item or food crumbs that are not left behind for rodents.
  • Check and try to remove the nesting sites of rodents from your residential or commercial property.
  • Focus on their entry points. Seal and close all the holes from where the rodents enter and exit.


1. How can I identify Rodents?

You can observe the rodents around the food packages, beneath the sink, cupboards. You can also find the food packets chewed. Also, check for the holes in the walls. Next, you can feel the foul smell left behind due to urine.

2. How do you treat the Rodents?

We inspect the property for finding the rodent's infestation and sources. Next, we follow the treatment process with eco-friendly chemicals to remove the rodents. Also, we follow the detailed after-treatment inspection to make sure the result is achieved.

3. Do you serve the entire Adelaide with Rodent Control Service?

Yes, we offer the superior Rodents inspection and removal service. We serve the entire Adelaide and its suburbs. We cover the northern and southern areas as well. Our experts also serve the nearby localities of Adelaide.

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