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Are you looking for the best termite inspection services in Adelaide? Contact us today! Call now on 08 7184 0835 for a free quote. Same-Day booking & services available.

Professional Termite Inspection Team In Adelaide

Pest Control 4 Adelaide runs a complete visual inspection for termites at your property in Adelaide. Our Termite Inspections Adelaide service cover- roof, wall cavities, garden before beginning with the extermination. As soon as the termite inspection service is over we provide you with a proper report on termite analysis & findings. With the use of modernized methods of conducting inspections- we offer the best termite control outcomes. Also, all of our termite inspections and removals are economical. Even if you are looking for same-day termite control or inspection, do appoint us. We are accessible 24 by 7 on 08 7184 0835.

Easy To Follow Termites Prevention Tips & Tricks

If you are observing a pile of woody dust near your upholstery, there is a termite infestation. Termites are more damaging than fire or flood. Moreover, termites not just create an unhygienic environment, but also cause extensive damage to your woody furniture.

Have a look at some home termite control tips:

  • Remove Excess Moisture: The residential properties contain areas with stagnant water, damp clothes even mattresses. This results in moist rooms which further act as a breeding ground for termites. So, ensure a moisture-free place at all times. 
  • Correct Leaks As They Occur: Pay close attention to any leak. Decayed ceilings/ roofs and seeping walls invite termites. Therefore, ensure all corners of your property are safe and well maintained. 
  • Use Borate On Furniture Before Painting or Priming: Using borate you develop a protective layer against termites. This borate barrier prevents termites from attacking your wood upholstery and it lasts longer. 
  • Put Infected Items In the Sun: In case, any of your furniture is being eaten by termites and you still see traces of termites on it. Kindly place it under the strong sun. Furthermore, termites cannot take excess heat and will ultimately vacant the furniture. 
  • Keep Distance between Wood And Soil: Most residential termite control experts recommend keeping 18 feet distance between soil & wood. If you have a garden area- ensure your woody chairs or other items are apart from the soil. This will surely reduce the chance of termites from making an infestation.


Q. How do I know if I need a termite inspection service in Adelaide?

In case, you are facing wing droppings or straight antennae and like infestation- there are termites. Also, if your furniture has recently been damaged due to termites, call us for emergency termite control in Adelaide. 

Q. How can I tackle a termite problem? 

In order to get quick assistance for termite treatment service, call Pest Control 4 Adelaide. We have experienced, qualified, equipped and licensed termite exterminators in Adelaide for rapid & effective services. Purchasing a new home? Call us for affordable pre-purchase termite inspections in Adelaide. 

Q. Are your termite treatment service safe for my pets and children? 

Yes, all of our termite inspection and removal methods are child and pet-friendly. However, we still suggest keeping your child/ pets away from the treated place for at least an hour, post-treatments.

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