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Need moth control in Adelaide? You can give us a call on 08 7184 0835 for a free quote and same-day booking & services available at affordable prices. Visit us website for more information.

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Are you observing the moths around your office or residential area often? Indeed, the moths even after being small creatures can bring huge destruction. No need to wait for risky DIYs that may work or maybe not. So, reach out to Pest Control 4 Adelaide on 08 7184 0835 for the Same Day Moth Removal actions. Furthermore, we offer customized and convenient Moth Control Services for residences and commercials. We have wide-area coverage in Adelaide. Also, get the best quotations and service experience with a skilled team of Moth Exterminators in Adelaide.

Best and Effective tips to prevent Moth survival:

The moth is a nocturnal insect and is differentiated from butterflies. They have a feather-like antenna. Some most common Moth species found in Adelaide are Clothes Moths, Brown House Moths, Carpet Moths, etc. They tend to make large holes in clothes which will make you invest more in mending the clothes. At the same time, they can also lead to the destruction of items. Moths can even lead to the destruction of food through their feces.

Quality and Tested Tips to Prohibit Moths:

  •  Always keep the woolen clothes, blankets, and carpets in a packed bag.
  •  Halt the uprising of moths by utilizing the screens or doors.
  •  Clean the clothes, table-cover, sofa cover, daily to prevent moths.
  •  Keep inspecting the dark area of your house like the wardrobe, kitchen especially in warm climates.
  •  Dispose of the waste food items. Also, keep the food items stored tightly in sealed packets or containers.
  •  Try to keep your area sufficiently ventilated to avoid darkness in that area. Try to keep the area lightened up to avoid the darkness that attracts moths.


1. How can Moths be harmful to humans?

Moths are mostly believed to attract food items like grains, cereals, flour, coffee, etc. Hence, they can easily and quickly pollute any foodstuff. Also, they can be allergic to you if they come in touch with woolen clothes and blankets.

2. Do you offer the Moth Inspection Service for residential areas?

Yes, we offer the Residential Moth removal service for the entire Adelaide and its suburbs. We separately offer the Moth inspection service as well. Our moth inspection service will target every entry and exit point of moths.

3. How can I identify the moth infestation?

You may observe small moths in the pantry. In your house, you can find adult moths crawling. Again, in the wardrobe or pantry area, you can see the tube-like silky appearing structure holding the moth larvae.

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