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Pest inspection & Pre purchase inspection Services in Adelaide
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Pest inspection & Pre purchase inspection

Pest inspection & Pre purchase inspection Services in Adelaide

Call us now on 08 7184 0835 for pest inspection & pre-purchase inspection service at reasonable rates. Our exterminators provide same-day pest control services in Adelaide.

Dedicated Pest Inspection and Pre-purchase Pest Inspection Assistance in Adelaide

Pest infestation is unexpected. Hence, it needs a proper inspection service to examine the infestation level and to reach a suitable treatment. We at Pest Control 4 Adelaide serve our clients with accurate Pest Inspection and Pre-purchase Pest Inspection Assistance. Moreover, we offer pest inspection services for both residential and commercial areas. We assure 99.9% results for the type of pests inspected. Also, reach us on 08 7184 0835 for a Same Day Pest Removal and Pre-purchase inspection service in Adelaide and get a pest-free property finalized.

Productive and Safe Tips to Prevent the Pests existence:

Pests are of several types. Some may be toxic while some may not. Some common types of pests you may come across are cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, flies, rodents, mice, termites, ants, spiders, fleas, and more. Pests tend to harm food items, household items, and even humans. Amongst these common pests, flies are one of the most annoying and quick in spreading diseases. Next, the bed bugs, termites, and ants are also a great nuisance.

  • Clean your kitchen area. Also, keep the food packets sealed or pack them in tight containers.
  • Make sure to dispose of the garbage. Try to store the dust bin in a secluded area. Also, make sure you do not store garbage for long.
  • Check the leakages in the kitchen and bathroom. Try to fix the leaking taps immediately and do not allow the water to accumulate as it can allow the insects and mosquitoes to grow.
  • Check for the holes in your house around walls, windows, and doors. Seal or fill all the holes that can be a good home space for ants, rodents, cockroaches, etc.
  • Declutter your garden regularly or often and remove the dense bushes. The densely growing garden can give quality access for rodents, ants, and mosquitoes to hide.
  • You can also fix your window and door net to avoid pests like mosquitoes and flies entering your house.
  • Keep the pet's food sealed or covered. The pet's food can also attract several pests and will make them visit your space often.


1. How much do you charge for pests inspection service in Adelaide?

The charges of pests inspection service in Adelaide depend upon the type of pests, location, and size of the property. Additionally, we visit your residential or commercial area for a pest inspection always on time.

2. Do you offer the inspection service on the Same Day?

Yes, our Pre-purchase inspection service is available for 365 days and on the Same Day of booking the appointment. You can book a meeting via call or online form. Once the meeting is confirmed we will shortly reach the doorstep in no time.

3. Is it essential to appoint pest control professionals?

Yes, appointing pest control professionals will assure your safety and reach to desired results. Trained professionals are well-versed in inspecting and removing pests from any size and type of property.

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